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NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM) 5th Edition

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NMAM is a collection of sampling and analytical methods for workplace exposure monitoring. It includes methods for workplace air, surfaces, and blood and urine. NMAM includes chapters on method evaluation, sampling, and more.

NIOSH or its partners have developed or adapted the methods included in the NMAM. NIOSH evaluates the methods according to established protocols and performance criteria.

NIOSH recommends using the best method available for making each measurement. Other published methods may have advantages over NIOSH methods for a given sampling situation.

Other potential method sources include:

An Industrial Hygienist should determine the sampling protocol, considering analytical accuracy, cost, and optimum sample number. Every method should undergo an initial evaluation to demonstrate performance. When using a method in a laboratory that did not perform the initial evaluation, verify it is possible to obtain comparable results. NIOSH methods may need modification. If modified, users should re-evaluate the method. For example, various OSHA regulations (e.g. benzene) mention performance criteria for evaluating the chosen method.

The Find a Method section below will only search for methods within the 5th edition. Remember, this is a living document that it updates as new or revised methods and chapters are ready for publication.

Not all 4th edition NIOSH methods are in the NMAM 5th edition. This fact does not indicate that 4th edition NMAM methods are invalid or not supported. It is simply an indication of where our limited resources have focused. Unless marked otherwise, NMAM 4th edition methods are valid and supported.

To search for methods within the NMAM 4th edition:

  • Click on the “NMAM 4thEdition” button under “NMAM Resources”
  • Navigate the 4thedition as you had in the past

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