National Statistics

All reported statistics on this page are based on the National Health Interview Survey, which collects data on a broad range of health topics through personal household interviews with US adults.

Arthritis Prevalence

During 2019 – 2021, about 1 in 5 US adults (21.2%) or about 53.2 million people had doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Arthritis was (age-adjusted):

  • More common among women (20.9%) compared to men (16.3%)2
  • More common among veterans (24.2%) than non-veterans (18.5%)2
  • Less common among adults with a college degree or higher (15.3%) than those with some college (20.3%), high school (20.2%), or less than high school education (20.3%)2
  • Arthritis prevalence increased with age2
Arthritis-Attributable Limitations
  • Arthritis can have substantial impacts on function. About 44.0% of adults with doctor-diagnosed arthritis had limitations in their usual activities due to their arthritis, based on 2016-2018 NHIS data.1
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Arthritis Prevalence by Physical Activity Levels
  • Arthritis prevalence was highest among adults reporting no leisure time physical activity (30.9%) compared to those who are insufficiently active (27.0%) or who meet physical activity recommendations (18.8%).1
  • Arthritis symptoms can be a barrier to physical activity, and inactivity among people with arthritis is associated with conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and functional limitations. However, regular physical activity can be an important way to reduce pain, improve function, and manage symptoms for people with arthritis and other chronic conditions.
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