Active Living Every Day (ALED)

About the program: Active Living Every Day (ALED) is a behavior change program that offers different options to traditional exercise programs to help participants overcome their barriers to physical activity.

  • Each class has a short lecture and group discussion to help participants set goals, decrease barriers to exercise, and find an activity that they enjoy.
  • Participants choose their own activity to create an exercise plan based on their lifestyle and preferences.
  • Participants work to learn lifestyle management skills and build lasting behavioral change.
  • Note: No physical activity takes place during the class; participants exercise independently or outside of the class depending on their individual goals.
woman exercising on a treadmill


ALED aims to help participants:

  • Increase physical activity.
  • Decrease stiffness.
  • Improve blood pressure.

Target Audience:

  • Adults with arthritis and other chronic conditions.
  • Any adult who is interested in increasing their physical activity level.
  • Sedentary adults.
  • Older adults.

Key Activities:

  • Short lecture on goal setting, overcoming barriers, and finding physical activities that participants enjoy.
  • Group discussion.
  • Create plan for physical activity based on lifestyle and personal preferences.
  • All physical activity happens outside of class.
  • There are optional online tools that participants may use.

Setting: Community/ Group-based workshop.

Suggested class size: No more than 20 participants.

Duration: Classes meet for one hour a week for 12 to 20 weeks.


Program Requirements:

  • One leader per class. The leader must be a strong teacher and be comfortable leading groups.
  • No educational or fitness certification is required, but leaders must complete an online course and either an online or in-person training from Active Living Partners.
  • A license from Active Living Partners. Active Living Partners provides the license for no fee.
  • A classroom with seating for all participants.
  • Equipment: A textbook for each participant, LCD projector, computer, flip chart, markers, pens, sign-in sheets, additional materials for activities as needed. Computer and internet access for supplemental tools is optional.

More Information:

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