About the program: EnhanceFitness® is an ongoing group program that includes arthritis-appropriate exercises. Participants can join or quit at any time. EnhanceFitness® partners with YMCA clubs across the United States to offer the program for free to members of the YMCA.

women in an exercise class


EnhanceFitness uses exercise to:

  • Increase strength.
  • Improve flexibility and balance.
  • Boost activity levels.
  • Elevate mood.

Target Audience:

  • Adults with arthritis.
  • Older adults.
  • Any adult who is interested in increasing their physical activity level.

Key Activities:

  • One hour exercise class consisting of a 5-minute warm-up, 20-minute aerobic workout, 20 minute strength training, 10-minute stretching workout, and 5-minute cool-down.
  • There are balance exercises throughout the class.

Setting: Community/ Group-based workshop.

Suggested class size: Between 10 and 25 participants.

Duration: Each class is an hour long and offered three times a week.


  • Participant: Cost varies. Many locations offer the program with for free with membership to the Y.
  • Leader/ Host Costs:
    • Licensing for the host site at $3,000 for the first year and $500 for each additional program site. License renewal costs are $50 per site. Sites also have to pay a $200 data entry fee per user, per year. Learn more about Enhance Fitnessexternal icon.
    • Equipment, a one-time expense estimated at about $800.

Program Requirements:

  • One instructor per class with a nationally recognized Fitness Instructor Certification and CPR certification. Enhance Fitness® recommends a trainer who has experience working with older adults or adults with activity limitations. The instructor must have training by an Enhance Fitness® Master Trainer.
  • A license from Enhance Fitness® for the host site or organization.
  • A non-carpeted space with room for sitting and standing exercises. The space must be accessible for adults with disabilities, per the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Equipment: Armless chairs, adjustable resistance soft wrist and ankle weights, music player, stop watch, tape measure, and a cone (can also use a garbage can or large bottle)

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