Walk with Ease (WWE)–Group

About the program:

  • Walk With Ease (WWE) is a group program that combines self-paced walks with discussions about health-related topics.
  • Note: The program is also available in Spanish for Spanish speaking adults.
older man and woman walking dog


Walk With Ease aims to:

  • Improve balance and strength.
  • Improve arthritis symptoms.
  • Increase strength.
  • Increase walking pace.
  • Improve confidence in one’s ability to manage arthritis symptoms.

Target Audience:

  • Adults with arthritis.
  • Older adults.

Key Activities:

  • Review guidebook.
  • Group education and discussion about arthritis and health behaviors.
  • Group walks at their own pace and for the distance of their choosing. Participants spend 10 to 40 minutes walking.

Setting: Community/ Group-based workshop.

Suggested Class Size: Groups can be any size, but the Arthritis Foundation (AF) recommends no more than 15 participants per leader.

Duration: Participants meet three times a week for six weeks. Each session is about 60 minutes.


Program Requirements:

  • At least one group leader with Arthritis Foundation WWE certificationexternal icon. The Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) offers the WWE certification for $89. The Arthritis Foundation recommends that the group leader be first aid certified.
  • One leader for every 12 to 15 participants.
  • A safe and accessible place to walk. This can be an indoor track, mall, neighborhood, or walking trail.
  • WWE guidebook (available in English and Spanish).
  • Each participant needs shoes that are safe for walking.

More Information: