Lifestyle Management Programs

The CDC Arthritis Program promotes recognized, evidence-based programs that are proven to improve the quality of life of adults with arthritis and helps make them available in communities across the country. Recognized programs are those that have shown improvements in arthritis symptoms, such as pain or limitations in function, and that have some level of support for program oversight and organized, wide-scale delivery. Promising programs are programs with promising evaluation data and which are building the infrastructure to support program delivery across the country. Over time, promising programs may be elevated to a recognized status.

Compendium of Arthritis-Appropriate Interventions

This compendium of CDC-recognized programs (last updated in 2012) is a concise, standardized review of evidence-based programs. Program planners and facilitators may use this compendium to choose programs. Compendium of Arthritis Appropriate Physical Activity and Self-Management Education Interventions pdf icon[PDF – 1.06MB]pdf icon

Marketing Tools to Promote Lifestyle Management Programs

CDC and our partners created tools that can be used to promote physical activity and self-management education intervention programs to potential program participants or referrers. Tools currently available include