Coordinator’s Guide

The Coordinator is responsible for managing the Ambassador Outreach Strategy at local, state, or regional levels. The Coordinator’s Guide and Ambassador Handbooks were created to help local and state programs develop a grassroots marketing strategy to increase enrollment in self-management workshops, either the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) or the Arthritis Self-Management Program (ASMP). Ambassador Outreach can be used to fill one workshop in one community or many workshops in many communities. The Coordinator’s Guide is a practical manual that shows you all the necessary steps for coordinating and conducting an Ambassador Outreach Strategy.

There are three steps to coordinating Ambassador Outreach:

  1. Preparing for Ambassador Outreach consists of writing a coordination plan, preparing the Person-to-Person and Spokesperson Ambassadors’ tools and Handbooks, and recruiting and training Ambassadors.
  2. Implementing Ambassador Outreach includes working with Ambassadors and managing their activities.
  3. Evaluating Ambassador Outreach involves documenting activities and progress toward reaching the CDSMP or ASMP enrollment goals.

Coordinator Tools

The Coordinator’s Guide
Preparing for Ambassador Outreach
Implementing Ambassador Outreach
Evaluating Ambassador Outreach