The State of STDs – Infographic

This infographic highlights national statistics for the reportable STDs, including congenital syphilis. Also highlighted are:

  • Populations most affected by STDs
  • Health problems that may occur when STDs are left untreated
  • Three ways to prevent STDs

We have developed two PDFs to share this information – the national infographic and the customizable infographic. The national infographic provides national-level 2020 STD data. The customizable infographic allows you to add state or local-level STD data to post on your website and share in your community. Portions of the infographic also are available to share over social media.

National Version
The State of STDs

If you only need national data and do not wish to edit the infographic, simply download the document. It is US letter-sized.

Customizable Version
Customizable Infographic

The customizable version has fields you can modify to reflect local data. Instructions and download link can be found here.