S.P.A.C.E. Monkey 1.0

STD Prevention Allocation Consequences Estimator

monkey in a space suit

SPACE Monkey (STD Prevention Allocation Consequences Estimator) is a tool created for state and local sexually transmitted disease (STD) programs to estimate the impact of changes in their budgets. Estimating these effects is not an exact science, but SPACE Monkey helps STD prevention personnel make evidence-based calculations that show how budget changes impact disease burden and direct medical costs. SPACE Monkey also illustrates how budget changes can affect intermediate outcomes such as partner services.

Instruction Manual Cdc-pdf[PDF – 963 KB] STD Prevention Allocation Consequence Estimator [XLSM – 376 KB]


Methods for sexually transmitted disease prevention programs to estimate the health and medical cost impact of changes in their budgetExternal. Article published in the Journal of the American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association describing methods that STD programs can use to estimate the potential effects of changes in their budgets in terms of disease burden and direct medical costs.