National Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) Recognition Day

National Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) Recognition Day
October 1, 2021

DIS remain the backbone of public health in the United States. They wear many hats and take on many roles to protect people across the nation. Whether tackling STD prevention, tuberculosis outbreak response, HIV exposure notification, or emergency response – DIS bring a special set of skills and level of dedication matched by few in the field. We are honored for the opportunities to work alongside them and to call them our colleagues. Today, we honor you, DIS, and all that you do in the name of public health.

A Message to DIS from CDC

2021 DIS Day Letter pdf icon[PDF – 140 KB] – from Leandro Mena, MD, MPH and Jonathan H. Mermin, MD, MPH

DIS in Action
Success Story
STD Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) have helped halt infectious disease outbreaks for more than 40 years. Learn about these vital public health teams.
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Two Virginia Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) use their STD prevention skills to help halt an outbreak in Indiana.
Changing the Story of Syphilis
Two stories of Kansas and Washington State public health programs going the extra mile to prevent and treat syphilis.
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More Success Stories
About DIS: Information from Prevention Partners

This video provides a great overview of the need, process, and status of the DIS Certification Project.

This infographicpdf icon explains what STD contact tracing is, why it’s important, and the role DIS play in making it happen.