STD PCHD: Program and other NOFO Guidance

This page provides links to general information about PS19-1901, as well as tools and information to assist applicants with the NOFO application process.


Funding Tables

This document provides the funding amounts that were awarded for the first year of PS19-1901 STD PCHD. Future award amounts may vary and will depend on funding availability.

Work Plan Templates

Here are the recommended Excel templates for the 5-year and 1-year work plans that were required as part of the application to PS19-1901 STD PCHD:

STD PCHD Workplan Template – 5 Year Workplan [XLSM – 69 KB] (Updated May 16)
This is the recommended 5-year work plan template.
STD PCHD Workplan Template – Year 1 Workplan [XLSM – 434 KB] (Updated May 16)
This is the recommended 1-year work plan template.

Here are work plan guidance documents:

Excel Work Plan Template User Guide.pdf pdf icon[PDF – 4 MB]
This PDF includes some tips for navigating these work plan Excel templates.
STD PCHD Work Plan Template_Objective Builder excel icon[XLS – 50 KB]
This is an optional tool that helps create SMART objectives.
STD PCHD Work Plan Orientation Slides [PDF – 948 KB]
Slides from the May Work Plan Orientation.

Q&A about the NOFO

Questions and Answers for Applicants to PS19-1901 STD PCHD (July 23, 2018) pdf icon[PDF – 405 KB]
This document includes answers to all questions submitted to DSTDP by applicants of PS19-1901 STD PCHD. It was updated on a regular basis with additions clearly highlighted with each update.

Other Applicant Resources

STD Outbreak Response Resources
A suite of materials to assist STD programs in planning and implementing outbreak response activities.
Budget Preparation Guidancepdf icon
Guidance for applicants on preparing a budget request.
PS19-1901, STD PCHD Kickoff Webinar Slidespdf icon[PDF – 1 MB]
This webinar provides information to STD PCHD recipients on key updates, TA, and important upcoming dates.
PS19-1901, STD PCHD Kickoff Webinar Recordingexternal icon
January 17, 2019 webinar recording.
Questions and Answers for Award Recipients from the STD PCHD Kickoff Webinar pdf icon[PDF – 447 KB]
This document includes answers to all questions submitted to DSTDP by award recipients during the January 17, 2019 PS19-1901 STD PCHD Kickoff Webinar. (February 8, 2019)
Enhanced Surveillance for Gonorrhea Webinar (March 2019)
Webinar Slidespdf icon
Webinar Recordingexternal icon
Webinar Questions and Answerspdf icon

General orientation webinars

Examples of application attachments

PCSI Certificate of Compliance Template word icon[DOC – 16 KB]
This is a sample template for the Certificate of Compliance that is required as part of all applications. Using this particular form is optional.

General Information

Strengthening STD Prevention and Control for Health Departments (STD PCHD) Funding Opportunityexternal icon
PS19-1901 STD PCHD Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) can be accessed and downloaded above from
STD PCHD Dear Colleague Letter pdf icon[PDF – 72 KB]
Dr. Gail Bolan, Division of STD Prevention Director, on CDC’s new five-year cooperative agreement—Strengthening STD Prevention and Control for Health Departments (STD PCHD) (January 7, 2019)