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NNPTC FOA Frequently Asked Questions

This web page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being updated.

Applicants for the National Network of STD Clinical Prevention Training Centers (NNPTC) funding opportunity announcement can find answers to questions submitted via webinars, or the mailbox below. Questions which were received and were similar in nature were combined and/or edited for clarity.

The deadline to submit application questions is April 4, 2014. The application period for this FOA closes on May 6, 2014.

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1. Is there a specific template to be used for the work plan (as described on page 43)?

There is no specific template.


2. On page 36, under subsection d, "Organizational Capacity of Applicants," it states that applicants must include a CV or resume for the PI, Director, and other key faculty. Are NIH format biosketches also acceptable?

NIH format biosketches are acceptable.


3. If an applicant is applying for both A and (one or more) B components, and there are sections such as, "organizational capacity," or, "ability to execute a national program," that would be almost entirely duplicative for both A and B, must both project narratives include the same information?

Yes, applicants must submit a complete project narrative, itemized budget, and budget narrative for each component or strategy for which they apply. While this may require duplicating some sections, it also allows for greater specificity, for example, in justifying ones' capacity for a given content expertise. In addition, each component and strategy will be reviewed and scored by a separate review panel, who will not be required to read other sections. There is no need to submit separate LOIs, Project Abstract, CDC Assurances and Certifications, Table of Contents, Resumes/CVs for medical director of component A; and for PI and faculty SMEs of both component A and B, Letters of Support, Proof of Ability for National Program, Organizational Charts, Nonprofit organization IRS status forms, if applicable, Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and Bona Fide Agent status documentation.


4. Some training centers may want to collaborate to deliver certain strategies. If two organizations collaborate in such a way that one organization is a subcontractor (not a lead) on another PTC’s application, would that count against the three total strategies in which an applicant can apply? For example, can an organization apply for three strategies (such as Curriculum, Evaluation, and Q.I.) and be a subcontractor for another organization’s application for Technological Innovation?

Each application will be scored separately. Therefore, one organization could apply for the maximum three Component B strategies, and could also be listed as a subcontractor for another organization. Collaboration is encouraged.


5. Is there a specified page limit for the attachments?

Although there are no page limits for many of the attachments, applicants should be advised that reviewers are not required to read all attachments, and cannot use the attachments to circumvent the narrative page limits. Although the FOA template allows a work plan to be uploaded as a separate attachment, we discourage this. The complete work plan must be included in the project narrative.


6. Should the work plan reflect seven months?

Yes, the year one budget, narrative, activities, and work plan should each reflect the seven-month period.


7. Are references required for either or both applications (i.e., Component A, Component B)?

References are appreciated, but not required for either or both applications.


8. If applying for a regional center and one or more national centers, are all attachments combined, or should each national center have a separate set of attachments?

Abstracts and additional attachments may cover all components and strategies, and need only be submitted once.


9. The FOA states (pages 34 and 36) that all narratives (A and/or Bs) and all budgets (A and/or Bs) have to be made into one narrative PDF and one budget PDF. Given that Component A and Component B applications are separate, is this accurate to combine into one PDF?

If applying for multiple national centers, should it be submitted as one Component B application or individual applications for each national center, with separate budgets?

Though applicants may submit individual applications for components A and B (as per the FOA), we have learned that it is possible to upload multiple documents for each FOA requirement within a single application. As such, applicants are allowed (and encouraged) to submit one application in response to this FOA. Application documents for each Component (A or B), or National Strategy, may be uploaded as individual documents within the single application.

For example, if applying for multiple components or strategies, documents may be labeled Project Narrative A, Project Narrative B1(strategy name), Project Narrative B2 (strategy name), Project Narrative B3 (strategy name). Abstracts and additional attachments cover all components and strategies, and need only be submitted once.

Component B applicants should develop a separate itemized budget narrative for each of the core functional strategies for which they are applying. Each itemized budget narrative can be uploaded as separate documents. Applicants are encouraged to use a naming convention such as PIname_BudgetNarrativeB1_strategy.

For example, let’s say that PI is Jane Smith, and Jane Smith is applying for Component A, and two strategies under Component B; the documents Jane Smith should submit to are as follows:

  • Abstract (All Components and Strategies)
    • Smith_Project Narrative A
    • Approach
    • Evaluation and Performance Management
    • Organizational Capacity
  • Smith_Project Narrative B1_Coordination
    • Approach
    • Evaluation and Performance Management
    • Organizational Capacity
  • Smith_Project Narrative B2_Curriculum
    • Approach
    • Evaluation and Performance Management
    • Organizational Capacity)
  • Smith_Budget Narrative A
  • Smith_Budget Narrative B1_Coordination
  • Smith_Budget Narrative B2_Curriculm


10. The FOA states that national centers need to show proof of ability for a national program by providing the following: a.) a list of faculty who are content experts in the respective center’s work; and b.) evidence of the ability to implement a national program. What qualifies as “evidence” for the ability to implement a national program?

Articles of incorporation, board resolution, and by-laws, among other forms of written evidence, are considered acceptable.


11. Page 34 of the FOA shows a slightly different format than is outlined on page 42 of the FOA. While both of these templates require the same information, the information is presented differently.  Further, in the response to question #5 of the FAQs regarding the application, it indicates that the Work Plan should be included in the Narrative, so which of these templates should we use?

The template on page 42 is correct. The Work Plan is included in the Narrative, and does not need to be uploaded separately:

  • i. Approach 
    • a. Background and Purpose 
    • b. Outcomes 
    • c. Program Strategy 
    • d. Work Plan
  • ii. Evaluation and Performance Management
  • iii. Applicant’s Organizational Capacity… 
    • a. Demonstrates experience…to achieve goals 
    • b. Demonstrates experience…to implement evaluation 
    • c. Project Management 
    • d. Budget


12. Will there be an application submission checklist for PS14-107 like there was for PS14-1403?

An application submission checklist will not be provided for this FOA.


13. Page 36 of the FOA describes including CVs/resumes for various personnel and an organizational chart. Are these documents considered an addendum or are they included in the project narrative page limit of 25 pages for the regional centers?

These files are considered “Other Attachment Forms,” and should be uploaded separately from the project narrative, and do not count toward the 25-page project narrative page limit.


14. With regard to the request in the FOA to provide proof of capacity to execute a national program, I work at a University for which I can find nothing regarding bylaws, articles of incorporation, etc. Can you perhaps clarify exactly what is being asked for here, and if it applies to all entities who apply? What would “other forms of written evidence” be and by whom would it be written?

Acceptable forms of written evidence will indicate to reviewers that the applicant has experience with and/or the capacity for national program implementation. This may take the form of the above-mentioned documents, but may also be documentation of national activities in which the applicant is currently engaged, a letter of support or backing from the academic institution, etc.


15.. document submission for this FOA, if I am reading it correctly, if an applicant is applying for three components (A and two Bs), then a total of three separate PDFs would be submitted for narratives (Comp. A Project Narrative PDF, Comp. B1 Project Narrative PDF, and Comp. B2 Project Narrative PDF). In the package, however, there is only space to upload one “Mandatory Project Narrative File” and one “Optional Project Narrative File.” Can you please clarify which of the three narratives in the example above would be the “Mandatory Project Narrative” and which would be the “Optional Project Narrative?”

The application package allows for the uploading of additional narratives. All narratives will be received and reviewed by CDC staff. Their upload order will not matter.


16. As stated on page 25 for the Work Plan, applicants are to include, “Administration and assessment processes to ensure successful implementation and quality assurance.” Can you please provide more detail on what this is referring to?

In this context, quality assurance is the strategic process by which the applicant will ensure the fidelity of the program. This includes systems for proactively avoiding problems with program implementation, and midprogram correction. Applicants may detail plans for systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of programmatic processes, feedback loops, etc.


17. The revised FAQ instructed applicants to follow the outline format found on page 42 of the FOA for Comp. A. Can you now clarify specifically where the Target Populations and Inclusion sections should be?

These sections should follow the Collaborations section, and should be toward the end of the Approach section (all of which are considered aspects of Program Strategy), but before the Work Plan.