Influenza Vaccine Doses Distributed, United States

  • Flu vaccine is produced by private manufacturers. Additional information is available.
  • These data are submitted to CDC by current U.S.-licensed manufacturers of influenza vaccine and a subset of influenza vaccine wholesalers and distributors that receive vaccine directly from U.S.-licensed manufacturers. These data are not projected but approximate a census.
  • Figure 1. Weekly Cumulative Doses (in Millions) of Influenza Vaccines Distributed* by Flu Season, United States, Data Source: CDC, Data are current through week ending March 9, 2024.

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* On September 30, 2022, to align with other dashboard visuals, the x-axis was changed from ‘Reporting Week’ to ‘Current Season Week Ending Date’; data for prior seasons were adjusted accordingly. Data for prior seasons with ‘Reporting Week’ as the x-axis are archived and accessible via the data page.

During flu season 2023-2024, due to 53 weeks in the 2024 calendar year, the first data collection and reporting period spanned two weeks from Jan 1, 2024 through Jan 13, 2024. To adjust the visualization for this, the estimate for week ending Jan 6, 2024 and week ending Jan 13, 2024 is the same and represents vaccinations distributed during this two-week period.