Influenza Vaccination Coverage, Adults

  • The National Immunization Survey-Adult COVID Module (NIS-ACM) was launched in April 2021 among adults 18 years and older. The survey was used to monitor COVID-19 vaccination uptake and confidence in vaccination among adults and included questions about influenza vaccination.
  • Figure 4A. Monthly Cumulative Influenza Vaccination Coverage, by Age Group, Race/Ethnicity, Urbanicity, and Jurisdiction, Adults 18 years and Older, United States, 2022-2023 and 2021-2022*†^. Data Source: National Immunization Survey-Adult COVID Module.
  • Figure 4B. Cumulative Influenza Vaccination Coverage and Comparison between 2022-2023 and 2021-2022*^, Adults 18 years and Older, United States. Data Source: National Immunization Survey-Adult COVID Module.

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Estimate is not reported because it is unreliable either due to effective small sample size (n<30) and/or confidence interval (CI) half-width >15 and/or the relative CI width >130% as per the National Center for Health Statistics Data Presentation Standards for Proportions, Series 2 Report available at: Data for Guam are only available from April-June 2022 and the data for U.S. Virgin Islands are only available from April-December 2021. National estimates include 50 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico and when available, U.S. Virgin Islands and/or Guam.

†In the table in Figure 4A, a blank cell in the ‘Coverage’ column represents suppressed or missing data and a ‘.’ in the ‘95% CI’ column represents CIs that were not calculated due to missing or suppressed data.

^ For the map, the ‘Other/Multiple Races, Non-Hispanic’ category includes American Indian/Alaskan Native, non-Hispanic, Asian, non-Hispanic, Pacific-Islander/Hawaiian Native, non-Hispanic, and persons who selected ‘Other’ and multiple races. Therefore, the ‘Other/Multiple Races, Non-Hispanic’ jurisdiction-level estimates on the map should not be compared with the ‘Other/Multiple Races, Non-Hispanic’ national estimates in the table.