Flu Resources for Business

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Flu prevention is important for your business!

Take action to keep your workplace healthy this flu season. Flu can have a major impact on business operations. This toolkit provides action steps that business owners, managers, and employees can take to minimize the effect of flu in the workplace.

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There are steps you can take now, and during the flu season, to help protect employees’ health.

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Encourage flu vaccination by offering onsite flu vaccination or resources on community flu vaccine locations

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CDC recommends workers with suspected or confirmed flu illness stay home from work.

Education and Promotion Resources
Poster: Flu Symptoms
Poster: Flu Symptoms
Pandemic Flu Checklist
Pandemic Flu Checklist
Get your workplace ready for pandemic flu
Pandemic Planning
Reason enough to get vaccinated
Poster: Vaccinate
Stay home if you're sick
Poster: Stay Home
don't spread germs at work
Poster: Don't Spread
cover your cough
Cover Your cough