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Unlike CDC’s traditional influenza (flu) surveillance systems, which measure flu activity after it has occurred, flu forecasting provides information about the future, allowing CDC to plan ahead and potentially reduce the impact of flu.

Flu forecasting can change that by offering the possibility to look into the future and better plan ahead, potentially reducing the impact of flu.

Current Week Flu Forecasting

Check out the latest flu hospitalization forecasts from CDC partners.

The potential uses of flu forecasts extend beyond communication.

About Flu Forecasting

Learn more about flu forecasting and how CDC uses the results to help fight flu.

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Previous Flu Forecasts

Previous Flu Forecasts from the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 Seasons.

Influenza (flu) places a significant disease burden on the U.S. population, but the magnitude and timing varies from season to season, making the annual impact uncertain at the beginning of each season. Flu forecasting can change that by predicting in advance flu-associated hospital admissions for the upcoming weeks.