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CDC Digital Media Toolkit: 2017-18 Flu Season

CDC’s seasonal flu vaccination campaign materials are available to assist partners in communicating about the importance of vaccination.  This digital toolkit includes details on events/activities, sample social media and newsletter content, graphics, web assets, and media prep material.  This material is downloadable, shareable, and some of the material is customizable.

Important Dates & Resources

Print Ready Materials

Messages to Share

Sample Newsletter Messages

Click the “More Messages” button below to get sample outreach messages for your organization’s newsletter, website, or partner networks.

Blurb 1: 2017-2018 Flu Vaccination Campaign
The 2017-18 seasonal influenza vaccination campaign will kick off September 28, 2017, with a press conference hosted by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) in partnership with CDC. Tune in at 10:00 am ET to hear about influenza from CDC and NFID’S panel of experts.

More Messages

Social Media Images & Messages

Share the flu vaccination images and messages below online or on social media. Click the links below to images to download and click to “more messages” button for a full list of social media messages to share throughout the season.

Social Media Image CDC Flu Fact

Social Media Image Take 3

Social Media Image Red

Sample Social Media Messages

Click the “More Messages” button below to get sample Twitter and Facebook flu prevention messages to share on your organization’s social media channels.

A yearly #flu vaccine is the best way to prevent flu illness. #FightFlu

More Messages

Animated You Have the Power to Fight Flu

Animated Get Vaccinated. Fight Flu.

Fight Flu Animated Image

Are you a Flu Fighter?

Fight Flu Facebook Frame

Are you a Flu Fighter, or know someone who is? Share your own flu fighter profiles online or social media. Here’s how:

    1. Pick 1-3 images demonstrating your work as a flu fighter.
    2. Write a 2-4 sentence post about how you fight flu.
    3. Share these images and message on social media!

Be sure to include the hashtag #FluFighter or #FightFlu and tag @CDCFlu in your post!

Check out CDC’s Flu Fighters here!

Web Resources

CDC has provided buttons and badges for public use. Place the graphic in the way that works best for your web site.

Fight Flu 300x250

Get your family vaccinated. FightFlu

Health Care Professionals 300x250

Vaccinate your patients.

Fight Flu Family Animated 300 x 250

Keep your family strong. Vaccinate. Fight Flu.

Health Care Professionals Animated 300 x 250

Keep your family strong. Vaccinate. Fight Flu.

Flu Vaccine Finder

Digital Events

CDC Blog-a-thon

CDC Blog-a-thon

CDC Blog-a-thon

During the second week of November (6-11), CDC hosted a blog-a-thon focused on health care providers, and encouraging providers to make a strong flu vaccine recommendation to patients.  The blog-a-thon kicked off on CDC’s Public Health Matters blog on November 6.

CDC is encouraging partners to blog and post on their websites about the importance of flu vaccine. 

To participate in the blog-a-thon, write your own post on the importance of flu vaccination and the role health care providers play in ensuring their patients are protected from flu. Copy the blog-a-thon badge to include with your post, and share your blog link on social media (be sure to tag