2019 NIVW Digital Media Toolkit

From December 1-7, 2019 we observed National Influenza Vaccination Week, reminding everyone 6 months and older that it’s not too late to get a flu vaccine.

Below are CDC’s NIVW resources, vaccination messages, and activities. We hope you will join us this year as we encourage everyone to protect themselves and their loved ones from flu this season. You can also learn more about how to fight flu.

NIVW Events/Activities

12/3; 2:30pm ET — Why get a flu vaccine? What every patient should know. [Interactive Webinar]external icon

This interactive, streaming webinar featured opportunities for members of the public to directly engage with a CDC subject matter expert and ask questions about flu and flu vaccine. It also provided an overview of flu vaccine benefits and why flu is so dangerous.  You can watch this program on demand hereexternal icon (registration required).

“How Does Flu Make You Sick?” Animated Video 

A brief video looking at how flu can affect you and your family and why a flu vaccine is so important.

CDC Answers the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Flu #FAQsAboutFlu

CDC epidemiologist Michelle Hughes answers the 10 most frequently asked questions on social media connected to influenza (flu) and flu vaccine. These videos will be posted across social media platforms before and during NIVW.

Additional Flu Fighters to be featured during NIVW #WhyIFightFlu

This NIVW, we are asking partners to share the reasons they get vaccinated against flu using the hashtag #WhyIFightFlu

Flu Fighters is focused on putting a spotlight on the many partners across the country that work daily to fight flu. Additional columns will be published during NIVW on our partner page. This year, during NIVW, we are highlighting members of the public who share stories of loss and resiliency in the face of this dangerous disease and the reasons they fight flu.

Share Your Flu Fighter Story

Do you know someone who works to promote flu vaccination and prevent the spread of flu? During NIVW, we are encouraging partners to tell us stories about their flu fighters.

Whether it is a parent who makes sure their entire family is vaccinated every year, a health care provider who goes above and beyond to ensure their patients are protected from flu, or a community advocate that organizes flu clinics – we want to hear from you!

Complete the flu fighter profile below and share on your blog or webpage. Then share your Flu Fighter profile on social media. Write 1-3 sentences or share a meaningful flu quote from your Flu Fighter on social along with an image of your flu fighter. Include the hashtags #WhyIFightFlu and #FightFlu in your posts!




  1. How has flu impacted you personally? Why do you fight flu?
  2. How do you fight flu?
  3. What would you say to those who are hesitant about getting a flu vaccine?
  4. What do you want others to learn from your experience with flu?

Check out our CDChealth care professional (HCP), and public profiles  to learn more about CDC and others’ work to prevent seasonal flu!

NIVW 2019 Communication Material

Additional resources for NIVW:

Sample Newsletter Messages

Outreach messages for your organization’s newsletter, website or partner networks to help all our partners speak with one voice about important updates and flu prevention messages for NIVW.

Sample Social Media Messages

Sample Twitter and Facebook NIVW flu prevention messages to share on your organization’s social media channels.

Free Resources

For more NIVW communication resources:

CDC also offers print materials, digital and web tools, PSAs, widgets, buttons, and apps on our website. Visit our Free Resources site for more information.

Partner Portal

Check out CDC’s partner portal to learn about available flu prevention resources and how your organization can work with CDC to promote flu vaccination messages!