HCP Fight Flu Toolkit

Whether you’re a primary care physician, nurse, pharmacist, or other health care professional (HCP), you play a significant role in helping protect your patients against influenza. The best available protection is annual influenza vaccination for all patients 6 months and older. Your strong influenza vaccine recommendation is one of the most important factors in patients accepting the vaccine.

This page provides tools to prepare your practice to fight flu. The materials will:

  • Equip you to make strong influenza vaccine recommendations
  • Facilitate productive conversations with your patients
  • Improve your influenza vaccination rates
How to Talk to Patients and Parents About Flu Vaccine

These fact sheets provide information on the timing and types of influenza vaccinations as well as methods to provide a strong influenza vaccine recommendation.

Preparing for Questions Parents May Ask about Vaccines
Preparing for Questions Parents May Ask about Vaccines
Prepare Your Practice for Flu Season Deck
healthcare professional in mask pointing with text: Prepare your practice to fight flu

Learn techniques on how to make a strong influenza vaccine recommendation to your patients and best practices for increasing flu vaccination rates in your practice.

Download [PPT, 15 MB, 25 slides]

Materials for Patients
Flu Consumer Patient Flyer

Share this informational handout with your patients who want additional information, have questions, or decline influenza vaccination at first recommendation. This resource will provide context to the efficacy of the influenza vaccine and highlight its safety.

Flu Vaccine: Get The Facts [2 MB, 1 page]

Flu: A guide for parents

Help parents understand the risks of flu and what they can do to protect their children. In this FAQ, they’ll find clear answers to common questions about flu symptoms, flu vaccine safety, and flu treatment.

The Flu: A Guide for Parents [639 KB, 2 page]

Español [PDF – 504 KB]

Appointment Reminder Email Template
flu reminder

Use this email template to remind your patients to schedule appointments for their influenza vaccines. This template is customizable to best fit your practice and patient population, offering language for specific higher risk groups, such as older adults, pregnant people, young children, and people with certain medical conditions.

Flu Vaccine Appointment Reminder Template [675 KB, 2 pages]

Pharmacist Guide and Key Points
Protect your patients this flu season

Pharmacists play a critical role in protecting patients against influenza and influenza-related complications by advocating for and administrating influenza vaccines. This guide is intended to support discussions between pharmacists and patients about influenza vaccination.

Protect Your Patients This Flu Season [3 MB, 5 pages]

Sample Social Media Content

Get flu prevention messages and images to share on your social media channels.

Get A Flu Vaccine Now! #fightflu
Get A Flu Vaccine Now! #fightflu
Get A Flu Vaccine. Fight Flu!
Get A Flu Vaccine. Fight Flu!
#HowIRecommend Videos

The #HowIRecommend video series highlights HCPs like you, demonstrating how they recommend influenza vaccines to patients and effectively address vaccination questions in their practices.

For additional information visit the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) website and sign-up for CDC influenza email updates.