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TVWhat you should do if you there is a tsunami in your area?

In the U.S., only Hawaii, Alaska, and the West Coast are at risk for tsunamis. This is because things that cause tsunamis (like undersea earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and landslides) are more common in these areas. Even if you do live in a tsunami area, you don't need to worry about one happening very often. And, in the US we DO have a warning system to give people time to get away. If you're concerned about a tsunami, there are things you can do.

  • Turn on the TV or radio to learn if there is a tsunami warning. If you hear a tsunami warning, and they say to evacuate in the area where you live, you and your family should do this immediately.
  • If you live where tsunamis are a risk, you and your parents should talk about what to do if you are told to evacuate. The same is true for any emergency. Have a plan so that you and your family know exactly what to do and how to do it. That way, you can protect yourself.

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