Designing and Implementing an Effective Tobacco Counter-Marketing Campaign

Designing and Implementing an Effective Tobacco Counter-Marketing Campaign is for tobacco control program staff in state health departments and national organizations.

This comprehensive 450-page document takes the reader step-by-step through the development and implementation of a tobacco counter-marketing campaign. The manual

  • Provides examples of what has worked successfully in tobacco control and prevention media campaigns over the last dozen years
  • Includes samples of key documents used throughout the process of developing successful campaigns

How To Use This Manual

This manual is designed to help readers at different levels of experience who are managing programs at different stages of development.

Don’t feel that you have to read the manual from cover to cover. We suggest that you begin by reading Chapter 1: Overview of Counter-Marketing Programs. Then feel free to skip some chapters, read other chapters more thoroughly, or move directly to the subjects that are most pertinent to your needs.*

*Although the components of counter-marketing are presented separately in this manual, they work together to strengthen the impact of the overall campaign; one or two successful components will not be enough to achieve your program goals. The art of tobacco counter-marketing is in blending and balancing the various components into a coherent, effective whole.