NORA Traumatic Injury Prevention Cross-Sector Council

The NORA Traumatic Injury Prevention Council brings together individuals and organizations to share information, form partnerships, and promote adoption and dissemination of solutions that work. It was formed in 2016 for the third decade of NORA. The Council seeks to facilitate the most important research, understand the most effective intervention strategies, and learn how to implement those strategies to achieve sustained improvements in workplace practice. Contact Christine Schuler or NORA Coordinator with any questions, comments, or to volunteer.

Meetings and News

Home Healthcare Workers at High Risk for Workplace Violence
A Council workgroup produced a NIOSH Science Blog, Home Healthcare Workers: A Growing and Diverse Workforce at High Risk for Workplace Violence. It describes the home healthcare workforce, data on workplace violence experienced by these workers, and strategies for prevention.

Cross-Sector Description

The Traumatic Injury Prevention Cross-Sector focuses on preventing injuries and related deaths to workers due to sudden events such as falls, motor vehicle crashes, violence, and being caught in or struck by machinery. Traumatic injury is a leading cause of injury in nearly all industry sectors.

Information is available about the NIOSH Traumatic Injury Prevention Program, which facilitates the work of the Council.

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