NORA Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities Sector Council Members

The Council has two co-chairs, one from the NIOSH TWU Program and one from a partner organization. The NIOSH Program coordinator and assistant coordinator also help to facilitate the work of the Council. Members attend meetings and participate in workgroups. Contact the NORA Coordinator with questions or comments or to volunteer.

Name Organization
Eric Wood, MD, MPH
University of Utah
R.J. Matetic, PhD
Co-chair, NIOSH Program Manager
Karl Sieber, PhD
NIOSH Program Coordinator
Mary M. Bauer, CIH, CSP Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor
Michael H. Belzer, PhD Wayne State University
Terry Bunn, PhD University of Kentucky
Tim Bushnell NIOSH
Lamont Byrd, MS International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Dawn Castillo NIOSH
Guang-X. Chen, MD, MS NIOSH
Matthew W. Daus, JD Windels Marx
Brian Fielkow, JD Jetco Delivery
Dan Flinta, CIH, CSP BorgWarner
Mark A. Friend, EdD, CSP Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Terry Hallquist Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation
Jeffrey Hickman, PhD Virginia Tech
Edward M. (Ted) Hitchcock, PhD NIOSH
Dan Horvath American Trucking Association
Emily (Yueng-hsiang) Huang, PhD Oregon Health & Science University
Peter W. Johnson, PhD University of Washington
Mokbul Khan, PhD Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation
Gerald P. Krueger, PhD, CPE Krueger Ergonomics Consultants
Andrew Krum Virginia Tech Transportation Institute – Center for Truck and Bus Safety
Ram Maikala, PhD National Safety Council
Dennis W. McMickens, CSMP, CESM, CEHSL Safety Council of Northwest Ohio
Kevin McSweeney, PhD, CPE American Bureau of Shipping
Cammie Chaumont Menendez NIOSH
Michael J. Mikitka, CAE Warehousing Education Resource Center (WERC)
David Moore Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
Abdullah Ali Al-Rawajfeh Musab Aqaba container terminal ACT – APM, Jordan
Mary O’Connor, REHS, MS NIOSH
Stephen Popkin, PhD Volpe National Transportation Systems Center RITA/USDOT
Jack Sahl, PhD J. Sahl Associates; UCLA School of Public Health
Brian Sherlock Transport Worker’s Union of America AFL-CIO
John Shober Electric Power Research Institute
Caroline Smith, MS Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
Alice Shumate, PhD NIOSH
Caroline Switzer CIH, CSP EPCORE Utilities (AIHA)
Mike Trusty Wal-Mart