Respiratory Health Cross-Sector Council

Council Members

The Council has two co-chairs, one from the NIOSH Respiratory Health Program and one from a partner organization. The NIOSH program leaders also help to facilitate the work of the Council. Members attend meetings and participate in workgroups. Contact the Co-Chair or NORA Coordinator with questions, comments or to volunteer.

Current Members

Name Organization
Akshay Sood
University of New Mexico
Paul Henneberger
David Weissman
NIOSH Program Manager
Jean Cox-Ganser
NIOSH Program Coordinator
Steve Mischler
NIOSH Program Assistant Coordinator
Muge Akpinar-Elci Old Dominion University
David Bernstein University of Cincinnati
Chris Carlsten University of British Columbia
Jim Chang University of Maryland Medical Center
John Dominguez Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation
Jennifer Flattery California Department of Public Health
Rafael de la Hoz Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Patricia Delarosa U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Dick Heederik University of Utrecht
Stella Hines University of Maryland
John Linnell COPD Foundation, U.S. COPD Coalition
Michelle Martin NIOSH
Lucas Neas Environmental Protection Agency
Karl-Christian Nordby National Institute of Occupational Health, Norway
Antonello Punturieri National Institutes of Health
Cecile Rose National Jewish Health
Susan M. Tarlo University of Toronto
Carolyn Whitaker Washington State Department of Labor and Industries


A heartfelt thank you to past participants in the third decade of NORA for their contributions:

(Please note: affiliations listed were current as of the time of participation but may no longer be accurate)

Name Organization
Ainsley Weston NIOSH
Helle Laier Johnsen National Institute of Occupational Health, Norway
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