Respiratory Health Cross-Sector Council


Faces of Work-related COPD

Faces of Work-related COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) is an impact video series that is part of a NORA Respiratory Health Cross-Sector Council initiative. There are four short videos that include a physician explaining what the disease is and interviews with patients diagnosed with work-related COPD who discuss work exposures, their quality of life having the disease, and ways to minimize the risks of getting the disease.

What is Work-related COPD?

This video explains what work-related COPD is and provides discussion from a pulmonary physician and patients who have been diagnosed with the disease and their overall experiences having it.

COPD and Work-related Exposure

This video discusses COPD and a variety of potentially related work exposures. Patients discuss their past work experiences and practices and how they may have impacted their disease diagnosis.

COPD and Quality of Life

In this video, a pulmonologist talks about the impact of work-related COPD, and patients describe how having the disease has affected their daily lives and their physical abilities to perform tasks that they were previously able to do.

COPD – Minimizing the Risks

This video discusses ways to minimize the risks of getting work-related COPD through awareness of workplace exposures, reducing exposures using engineering controls and wearing personal protective equipment, and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Page last reviewed: May 1, 2019