Historical Information

Unveiled in 1996, NORA has become a research framework for NIOSH and the nation. Learn about the accomplishments of the first and second decades of NORA.

Second Decade of NORA (1996-2016)

At the end of the second decade of NORA, NIOSH reviewed contributions toward improving the occupational safety and health of workers and transferring new knowledge into practice. The review was designed to assess contributions across three main domains: 1) research, 2) sector programs, 3) partnerships and Research to Practice (r2p). This review was published in two documents, a main report and a supplement with more specific sector and cross-sector information.

National Occupational Research Agenda: Second Decade in Review | 2006–2016

The research agendas from the second decade are archived online.

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Information about NORA sector councils; NORA Symposia held in 2006, 2008, and 2011; and NORA Town Hall meetings held in 2006-2007 are also archived online.

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First Decade of NORA (1996-2006)

The Team Document: Ten years of leadership advancing the National Occupational Research Agenda

This document describes the successes of the teams and reflects on lessons learned during the first decade of NORA. Each NORA research team has described its efforts through a discussion of its priority area, progress made in the last ten years, and its perspective on important areas for future research.

Other accomplishments during the first decade of NORA are archived online.

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