What are the sectors?

Sector definitions follow the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), which has replaced the U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. More information about NAICS can be found on the U.S. Census Bureau North American Industry Classification System pageexternal icon. NAICS provides definitions for 20 sectorsexternal icon which NIOSH aggregated into ten sector groups as follows:

NORA Sector Group NAICS Code
Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing (except Wildland Firefighting and including seafood processing) 11external icon & 311710external icon
Construction 23external icon
Healthcare & Social Assistance (including Veterinary Medicine/Animal Care) 62external icon, 54194external icon,& 81291external icon
Manufacturing (except seafood processing) 31-33external icon
Mining (except Oil and Gas Extraction) 21external icon
Oil and Gas Extraction 211external icon, 213111external icon, & 213112external icon
Public Safety (including Wildland Firefighting) 92212external icon, 92214external icon, 92216external icon & 62191external icon
Services (except Public Safety and Veterinary Medicine/Animal Care) 51external icon, 52external icon, 53external icon, 54external icon, 55external icon, 56external icon, 61external icon, 71external icon, 72external icon, 81external icon, & 92external icon
Transportation, Warehousing & Utilities 48-49external icon & 22external icon
Wholesale and Retail Trade 42external icon & 44-45external icon

More information about NIOSH’s work in each sector can be accessed through the NIOSH Program Portfolio page.

Page last reviewed: March 28, 2018