NORA Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Council Members

The NORA Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing (AgFF) Council has two co-chairs, one from the NIOSH Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Program and one from a partner organization. Members attend meetings and participate in workgroups. Contact the council co-chair or NORA Coordinator to volunteer.

current members
Name Organization
Jess McClure
National Grain and Feed Association
Jennifer M. Lincoln
Co-Chair, NIOSH Program Manager
Kimberly (KC) Elliott
NIOSH Program Coordinator
John Gibbins
NIOSH Assistant Program Coordinator
Chandran Achutan University of Nebraska
Walter Alarcon NIOSH
Renee Anthony University of Iowa
Mary Bauer WI OSHA
J.J. Bartlett Fishing Partnership Support Services
Florence Becot Pennsylvania State University
Jeff Bender University for Minnesota
Casper Bendixsen Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation
Cheryl Besler University of Nebraska Medical Center
Don Bloswick University of Utah
Karen Brents USDA Forest Service
David N Brown Iowa State University
Nathan Burton Association of Equipment Manufacturers
Vanessa Casanova University of Texas
Samantha Case NIOSH
Scott Cedarquist American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
Sabrine Chegane University of Nebraska Medical Center
Marsha Cheyney University of Iowa
Garnet Cooke Oregon State OSHA
Kathryn Crawford National Safety Council
Marsha Davies Idaho State Insurance Fund
Steve Dearwent NIOSH
Michael DeSpain John Deere Company
David Douphrate University of Texas
Ellen Duysen University of Nebraska Medical Center
Richie Evoy NIOSH
Mike Flynn NIOSH
Kit Galvin University of Washington
Deliana Garcia Migrant Clinicians Network
John Garland Garland and Associates
Zhongfu Ge ABS
Jenna Gibbs Ag Safety and Health Alliance
Serap Gorucu University of Florida
Brett Green NIOSH
Annette Greer East Carolina University
Joseph Grzywacz Florida State University
Shannon Guillot-Wright University of Texas Medical Branch
Paul D. Gunderson Dakota Center for Technology-Optimized Agriculture
Natalie Gupton AgSafe
Sulma Guzman Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, Inc.
Dan Hair Retired, Workers Compensation Fund Utah
Charlotte Halverson AgriSafe
Marcy Harrington University of Washington
Tara Haskins AgriSafe
Karen Hoare National Pork Board
Neva Jacobs Cardno
Andy Kane University of Florida
Eddie Kasner University of Washington
Karl W. Klotzbach Case New Holland
William Krycia State of California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Occupational Safety & Health
Barbara Lee Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation
Carol Lehtola University of Florida
Jeff Levin University of Texas
Amy Liebman Migrant Clinicians Network
Jacek Mazurek NIOSH
Tony McKenzie NIOSH
Kevin McSweeney ABS
Mary E Miller University of Washington
Pamela Milkovich Northeast Center for Occupational Health and Safety: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing
Glenn Morris University of Florida
Dennis Murphy Pennsylvania State University
Joseph Myers ABS
Mike Pankonin Association of Equipment Manufacturers
Michael Pate Penn State University
Melissa Ploeckelman National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety
Athena K. Ramos University of Nebraska Medical Center
Risto Rautiainen University of Nebraska Medical Center
Deborah B. Reed University of Kentucky
Stephen J. Reynolds Colorado State University
Heather Riden University of California, Davis
Ann Rivers US Department of Agriculture
Diane Rohlman University of Iowa
Knesha Rose-Davidson AgriSafe
Michael Rosmann Ag Behavioral Health
Natalie Roy AgriSafe
Josie M Rudolphi University of Illinois
Julie Samples Oregon Law Center
Wayne Sanderson University of Kentucky
Ted Scharf NIOSH
Marc Schenker University of California at Davis
Anna Scheyett University of Georgia
Megan M. Schossow University of Minnesota
Erika Scott New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health
Pedro Serrano Washington Department of Labor and Industries
Nargess Shadbeh Oregon Law Center
Carolyn Sheridan Ag Health and Safety Alliance
Joel H. Sherman Grimmway Enterprises, Inc.
Eva Shipp Texas A&M University Transportation Institute
Mathew Smidt U.S. Department of Agriculture
Ric Smith Lifeline Foods
Matt Solberg National Center for Farmworker Health
Julie Sorenson New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health
June Spector University of Washington
Matthew Spencer US Poultry and Egg Association
Heidi Bruggink Sulman Fishing Partnership Support Services
Naomi Swanson NIOSH
Laura Syron NIOSH
Ornwipa Thamsuwan University of Washington
Robin Tutor East Carolina University
Jesus Valdovinos Washington Department of Labor and Industries
Amy Wangdahl US Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Amanda Wickman University of Texas
Aaron Yoder University of Nebraska Medical Center
Acie Zachary US Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Xi-Ying Zhang ABS