Immune, Infectious and Dermal (IID) Cross-Sector Council

Council Members

The Council has two co-chairs, one from the NIOSH Immune, Infectious and Dermal Disease Prevention (IID) Program and one a stakeholder representative. The NIOSH Program manager, coordinator and co-assistant coordinator also help to facilitate the work of the Council. Members attend meetings and participate in workgroups. Contact the Co-Chair or NORA Coordinator with questions or comments or to volunteer.

Current Members

Name Organization
Jennifer Sahmel
Insight Exposure and Risk Sciences
Brett Green
Co-chair, NIOSH Program Co-Assistant Coordinator
Don Beezhold
NIOSH Program Manager
Stacey Anderson
NIOSH Program Coordinator
Marie de Perio
NIOSH Program Co-Assistant Coordinator
Marisa Alexander
NIOSH Program Co-Assistant Coordinator
Annette Bunge Colorado School of Mines
Armand Coppotelli Deb USA
Patricia Delarosa U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Dori Germolec National Institute of Environmental Health Science
Vic Johnson Burleson Research Technologies
Jerry Kasting University of Cincinnati
John Kissel University of Washington
Scott Meschke University of Washington
Ed Nardell Harvard University
Gregory Nichols GP Nichols & Company
Leena Nylander-French University of North Carolina
Ann Ramsey Consultant
Gordon Sussman University of Toronto

A heartfelt thank you to past participants in the third decade of NORA for their contributions:

(Please note: affiliations listed were current as of the time of participation but may no longer be accurate)

Name Organization
Scott Dotson NIOSH
Fred Frasch NIOSH
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