Council Members

The Council has four co-chairs, three from the NIOSH Healthy Work Design and Well-Being Program and one from a partner organization. Members attend meetings and participate in workgroups. Contact the Co-Chair or NORA Coordinator with questions, comments or to volunteer.

Current Members

Name Organization
David DeJoy


University of Georgia, Athens
Rene Pana-Cryan


L. Casey Chosewood


Naomi Swanson


David Ballard American Psychological Association
Les Boden Boston University
Carol Brown University of Colorado
Tim Bushnell NIOSH
Claire Caruso NIOSH
Bongkyoo Choi University of California, Irvine
Lorraine M. Conroy University of Illinois at Chicago
Michael Foley Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
Leslie Hammer Portland State University
Karen Heaton University of Alabama at Birmingham
Heidi Hudson NIOSH
Pam Hymel Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts
David Lombardi Harvard University
Dave LeGrande Communication Workers of America
Russell Matthews Bowling Green State University
Patricia McGovern University of Minnesota
Lee Newman University of Colorado
Jeannie Nigam NIOSH
Brian Quay NIOSH
Tapas Ray NIOSH
Bonnie Rogers University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Steve Sauter Consultant
Anita Schill NIOSH
Laura Stock University of California, Berkeley
Jessica Streit NIOSH
Jennifer Swanberg University of Maryland
Sara Tamers NIOSH
Ibraheem (Abe) Tarawneh Ohio Center for Occupational Safety and Health
Carolyn Winslow Unviersity of California, Berkeley

A heartfelt thank you to past participants in the third decade of NORA for their contributions:

(Please note: affiliations listed were current as of the time of participation but may no longer be accurate)


Name Affiliation
Lisa Brosseau University of Illinois at Chicago
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