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Traumatic Injury Prevention Program

Traumatic Injury Program banner

The Traumatic Injury Prevention Program aims to reduce and prevent work-related injury and death, across all industries, due to acute trauma or violence. To do this, we work closely with partners from industry, labor, trade associations, professional organizations, other government agencies, and academia. Through our partnerships and research efforts, we are able to address the human and economic burden imposed by the leading causes of work-related traumatic injuries, especially among high risk jobs and vulnerable worker groups.

Featured Items

NOIRS, National Occupational Injury Research Symposium logo
  • The National Occupational Injury Research Symposium (NOIRS), the only conference focused on occupational injury research, will be held October 16-18, 2018 in Morgantown, WV. Registration is free. You can learn more about NOIRS here.
  • A fishing safety success story! Entanglements in fishing gear and deck machinery are a leading cause of injuries in commercial fishing. Here is a video example of how a fishing crew used an emergency stop (E-Stop) on their deck winch to prevent injury to a deckhand.

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