NIOSH Research Programs

About Program Portfolio

At a glance

The Program Portfolio organizes NIOSH's activities into specific programmatic categories that can be readily communicated and strategically governed and evaluated. The Portfolio drives innovative research and improved workplace practices.

What we do

NIOSH is involved in a range of occupational safety and health activities including surveillance, research and technology transfer. The NIOSH Program Portfolio focuses on relevance, quality and impact. This is achieved through strong involvement of partners and stakeholders throughout the entire research continuum (conceiving, planning, conducting, translating, disseminating and evaluating research). NIOSH programmatic and support structures provide a foundation for NIOSH staff to carry out the Institute's mission to provide national and world leadership to prevent work-related illnesses and injuries.

The NIOSH Program Portfolio has been organized into Sector, Cross-Sector, and Core and Specialty Programs. NIOSH has assigned Managers, Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators to each of the programs within the portfolio. Steering committees have been formed to participate in planning, implementing, transferring and evaluating program activities leading to reductions in occupational fatalities, injuries and hazards.


NIOSH most recently used the contribution analysis (CA) framework to guide the evaluation of its programs. In applying the CA, a program assembles evidence to demonstrate a plausible association between its activities and the observed impacts.