The information on this page reflects the 2024 acute and chronic HBV case definition updates. FOR 2023 HBV CASE CLASSIFICATION, use: 2023 Case Classification_Full Guidance PDF

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) editor of the Viral Hepatitis Surveillance and Case Management: Guidance for State, Territorial, and Local Health Departments was Kathleen Ly, Epidemiologist (Surveillance Team/Division of Viral Hepatitis) with leadership and guidance from Dr. Ruth Jiles (currently Senior Scientist, Surveillance Team/Division of Viral Hepatitis). Dr. Alfred DeMaria, Medical and Laboratory Consultant at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, served as the external editor. This guidance was developed in collaboration with staff from state, territorial, and local health departments, with input from Ashley Vineyard (Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologist) and Boatemaa Nitri-Reed (National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors). Rachel Wilson (Division of Viral Hepatitis) reviewed and edited this document for clarity and consistency with CDC publishing guidelines. Experts in viral hepatitis surveillance contributed to the condition-specific sections, as follows:

Hepatitis A Workgroup

Leader:  Brandi Taylor (Ohio Department of Health)
Bernadette Albanese (Tri-County Health Department)
Saul Ayala (Chicago Department of Public Health)
Bree Barbeau (Utah Department of Health)
Cassie Jones (Tennessee Department of Health)
Julia Latash (New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene)
Sarah New (California Department of Public Health)
Robert C. Orellana (Ohio Department of Health)
Sudha Reddy (New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene)

Acute Hepatitis B Workgroup

Leader: Jill Dinitz-Sklar (New Jersey Department of Health)
Lindsay Bouton (Massachusetts Department of Public Health)
Shane Brady (Arizona Department of Health Services)
Rita Espinoza (San Antonio Metropolitan Health District)
Blake Hendrickson (Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services)

Chronic Hepatitis B Workgroup

Leader: Kristin Sweet (Minnesota Department of Health)
Laura Erhart (Arizona Department of Health Services)
Mackenzie Fuller (Washington State Department of Health)
Rosie Glenn-Finer (California Department of Public Health)
Irene Guendel (US Virgin Islands Department of Health)

Hepatitis B During Pregnancy and Perinatal Hepatitis B Workgroup

Leader: Kelly Gillespie (Philadelphia Department of Health)
Jessie Gunter (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment)
Lyndsey Kircher (Louisiana Office of Public Health)
Lee Rose Peters (Oregon Health Authority)
Brianna Sprague (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment)

Acute Hepatitis C Workgroup

Co-Leader: Bree Barbeau (Utah Department of Health)
Co-Leader: Jeffrey Eason (Salt Lake County Department of Health)
Co-Leader: Ethan Farnsworth (Utah Department of Health)
Carlos Alvarez (Texas Department of State Health Services)
Brittany Bell (Kentucky Department for Public Health)
Shana Geary (Florida Department of Health)
Stephanie Muhammad (Ohio Department of Health)
Shauna Onofrey (Massachusetts Department of Public Health)
Jessica Oltmanns (Public Health Department of Santa Cruz County)
Kati Touchstone (Florida Department of Health)
Ying Zhang (Southern Nevada Health District)

Chronic Hepatitis C Workgroup

Leader: Lindsey Sizemore (Tennessee Department of Health)
Hilary Armstrong (Public Health Seattle-King County)
Angelica Bocour (New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene)
Daniel Church (Massachusetts Department of Public Health)
Tessa Fairfortune (Washington State Department of Health)
Alexandra Gagner (Chicago Department of Public Health)
Prabhu Gounder (Los Angeles County Department of Public Health)
Genny Grilli (Minnesota Department of Health)
Jennifer Knorr (Fairfax County Health Department)
Jennifer Layden (Illinois Department of Public Health)
Tasha Martin (Oregon Health Authority)
Emma Spencer (Florida Department of Health)
Lucila Zamboni (New York State Department of Health)
Rui Zhao (Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness)

Hepatitis C During Pregnancy and Perinatal Hepatitis C Workgroup

Leader: Danica Kuncio (Philadelphia Department of Health)
Joseph Coyle (Michigan Department of Health and Human Services)
Hannah Henry (Indiana State Department of Health)
Rachel McLean (California Department of Public Health)
Boatemaa Nitri-Reed (National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors)
Amelia Salmanson (Utah Department of Health)
Susan Soliva (Massachusetts Department of Public Health)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Workgroup

Laurie Barker
Danae Bixler
Monique Foster
Neil Gupta
Elizabeth Hughes
Ruth Jiles
Greta Kilmer
Benjamin Kupronis
Kathleen Ly
Henry Roberts
Philip Spradling
Eyasu Teshale
Jianglian White
Shaoman Yin

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Reviewers

Nancy Fenlon
Megan Hofmeister
Martha Montgomery
Anne Moorman
Noele Nelson
Sarah Schillie

Laboratory Expert Consultants

Berry Bennett (Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Public Health Laboratories)
Jan Drobeniuc (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)