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Collecting and Analyzing Safety Data

In this activity, students explore causes of injuries and deaths for kids in their age group. They first formulate a hypothesis and then conduct a class survey to find out the answers and test their hypothesis. They also participate in a deeper analysis of their results and see the quantity and quality of information that can be garnered from a simple classroom survey.

Students will:

  • Formulate a hypothesis about the leading causes of injuries to people their age
  • Collect data from classmates on the injuries they have experienced
  • Analyze the data and draw conclusions
  • Examine data collected by the federal government on injury and death, and think critically about how that data might be used
  • Discuss and analyze how to reduce the injuries and deaths that are most prevalent among people their age

Relevant Standards:
This activity fulfills science and health education standards [PDF – 469KB].

BAM! Body and Mind Resources:

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