TEST *** CDC’s Division of Global HIV & TB Experts in Action

In more than 50 countries around the world, CDC’s experts are working on the frontlines to help accelerate countries’ efforts to control HIV and eliminate Tuberculosis. They are clinicians, prevention specialists, epidemiologists, health economists, behavioral scientists, and laboratorians. In collaboration with our partners, they are changing the trajectory of these epidemics around the world and keeping people safe at home and abroad. View stories from our experts below.

Rose Apondi

Rose Apondi

Adolescent girls and young women in Eastern and Southern Africa are twice as likely to be HIV-positive compared to males in the same age range. In this video, Rose Apondi explains how CDC is reaching young, at-risk girls in Uganda with mentoring and skill-building programs through the DREAMS initiative.

Dr. Jonathan Mwangi

Dr. Jonathan Mwangi

Finding HIV-positive people and helping them know their status is the first global target to control HIV. In this video, Dr. Jonathan Mwangi describes an innovative strategy that CDC is implementing in Kenya to find the remaining undiagnosed people living with HIV, help them learn their HIV-positive status, and link them to treatment services.

Expert in Action - Puleng Ramphalla

Puleng Ramphalla

In sub-Saharan Africa, men are less likely than women to know their HIV status, seek life-saving HIV treatment, and reach viral suppression. In this video, Puleng Ramphalla discusses the evidence-based approaches that CDC is using to reach more men at risk for HIV with treatment and prevention in Lesotho.

Expert in Action - Dr. Bharat Parekh

Dr. Bharat Parekh

CDC has developed and is evaluating a simple, rapid test to simultaneously diagnose HIV and identify whether an infection is recent. In this video, Dr. Bharat Parekh describes how this test is helping CDC and partners identify HIV hotspots and deploy responses in real-time to accelerate controlling the HIV epidemic.

Expert in Action - Dr. Sudhir Bunga

Dr. Sudhir Bunga

Global guidelines recommend viral load testing – a measure of the amount of HIV virus in the blood – as a means to monitor the health of people living with HIV, and who are receiving life-saving antiretroviral treatment. In this video, Dr. Sudhir Bunga describes the importance of viral load testing in measuring an individual’s response to HIV treatment.

Expert in Action - Dr. Abraham Katana

Dr. Abraham Katana

HIV and Tuberculosis (TB) are the two most deadly infectious diseases worldwide. These two epidemics are interconnected, as TB is the leading cause of death for people living with HIV. In this video, Dr. Abraham Katana explains how CDC is addressing each of these epidemics in Kenya.

Expert in Action - Valerie Naglich

Valerie Naglich

CDC, working in collaboration in partners, is maximizing the value of each dollar spent by leading innovative approaches to accelerate the impact and efficiency of HIV and TB programs across the globe. In this video, Valerie Naglich explains how CDC is driving these efforts.

Expert in Action - Hiari Imara

Hiari Imara

CDC’s experts play a key role in helping to protect the world from both HIV and TB and save lives. In this video, Hiari Imara, shares her personal experience in speaking to young students about her work in fighting HIV.

Expert in Action - Dr. Robert Swayzer

Dr. Robert Swayzer

Collaboration with partners and Ministries of Health is critical to CDC’s efforts to end the HIV and TB epidemics, and help countries effectively respond to public health challenges now and in the future. In this video, Dr. Robert Swayzer explains how these efforts are being implemented in Namibia.

Expert in Action - Saira Qureshi

Saira Qureshi

Accelerating progress towards HIV epidemic control requires achieving higher results among the populations who are most at risk for transmitting and acquiring HIV. In this video, Saira Qureshi explains how CDC is accelerating countries’ efforts to reach young women and girls – among the most severely affected groups and other key populations.

Expert in Action - Dr. Simon Agolory

Dr. Simon Agolory

CDC’s experts on the ground work hand-in-hand with host country governments around the globe to improve public health by developing and expanding innovative strategies to control the HIV and TB epidemics. In this video, Dr. Simon Agolory shares how one innovation – Project Echo – is helping to save more lives.