2022 Advisory Board and Public Meetings

This page contains a listing of Advisory Board and public meetings. When available, locations, times, telephone conference access information, agendas, and transcripts from the meetings are provided.

Information on worker outreach meetings can be found on individual site pages. A list of the individual site pages can be found on the List of Work Sites page.

2022 Meetings






  • No meetings have been scheduled for this month.




  • No meetings have been scheduled for this month.


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Pre-Decisional Document Policy

Please Note: As part of the procedures and processes of the Advisory Board's Work Groups, several kinds of pre-decisional documents may be developed. These pre-decisional documents, such as white papers, matrices, working drafts, etc., are distributed among Work Group members as research and background tools to facilitate discussion and deliberation. Although discussion during a public meeting may cover pre-decisional documents, these documents often are not further revised or finalized, and thus do not reflect the final determination or evaluation of the Advisory Board and its Work Groups. Additionally, some pre-decisional documents not otherwise posted on the website may contain sensitive information, which would require an interested party to obtain such documents by filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the CDC/ATSDR FOIA office at foiarequests@cdc.gov.

Information on Meeting Notices, Public Access to Documents, and Transcript Redaction

Posting of Advisory Board, Subcommittee, and Work Group Meetings to the NIOSH Website:

  • The title, date, time, and location of meetings are posted once the meeting is announced or scheduled. The Advisory Board and NIOSH make every attempt to provide as much advanced notice of meetings as possible.

  • As the meeting time approaches, the agenda for the meeting will be posted, if available. In addition, presentations for meetings, if applicable, will be posted (effective May 2011).

  • After the meeting, the transcript of the meeting is posted once it has been reviewed and cleared for posting to the NIOSH Website.

If you would like to receive email messages notifying you of when an update to our website has occurred, please email us at ocaswebupdates@cdc.gov with your request. Please note that this includes all updates to our website an is not limited to only meeting announcements.

Public Access to Advisory Board Records or Documents

The Advisory Board and NIOSH must also abide by the Freedom of Information Act (or FOIA). This Federal law gives the public the right to make requests for Federal agency records and documents. The Advisory Board and NIOSH are required to make requested records available unless the records are protected from disclosure by certain FOIA exemptions. Additional information on FOIA can be found on the FAQs: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) page.

NIOSH has developed the procedures for providing the public access to Advisory Board records or documents. This procedure helps to maintain the public’s right to access records as outlined under FACA and FOIA while also allowing the Board’s Technical Support contractor to obtain and consider documents and data managed by NIOSH that are needed to carry out their duties under The Act. Such information includes documents and data obtained by NIOSH, the Board’s Technical Support Contractor, and NIOSH contractors under The Act. The Board’s Designated Federal Official works with the DCAS Director and the Board’s Technical Support Contractor to oversee implementation of these procedures.

Advisory Board Meeting Transcript Redaction Policy (Public Comment)

Transcripts posted to the website after December 12, 2007, will be posted in accordance with the following policy:

  1. If a person making a comment gives his or her name, no attempt will be made to redact that name.

  2. NIOSH will take reasonable steps to ensure that individuals making public comment are aware of the fact that their comments (including their name, if provided) will appear in a transcript of the meeting posted on a public website. Such reasonable steps include:

    1. A statement read at the start of each public comment period stating that transcripts will be posted and names of speakers will not be redacted;

    2. A printed copy of the statement mentioned in (a) above will be displayed on the table where individuals sign up to make public comment;

    3. A statement such as outlined in (a) above will also appears with the agenda for a Board Meeting when it is posted on the NIOSH Website;

    4. A statement such as in (a) above will appear in the Federal Register Notice that announces Board and Subcommittee meetings.

  3. If an individual in making a statement reveals personal information (e.g., medical information) about themselves that information will not usually be redacted. The NIOSH FOIA coordinator will, however, review such revelations in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act and the Federal Advisory Committee Act and if deemed appropriate, will redact such information.

  4. All disclosures of information concerning third parties will be redacted.

  5. If it comes to the attention of the Designated Federal Official (DFO) that an individual wishes to share information with the Board but objects to doing so in a public forum, the DFO will work with that individual, in accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act, to find a way that the Board can hear such comments.