NIOSH Public Docket

When an agency of the federal government develops a rule, a formal record of that process is kept. The record, called a “docket,” includes copies of all public comments the agency received in developing the rule, all references cited in the rule, and other relevant information.

The NIOSH Docket is a repository of policy products (documents, policy responses, testimony, and other types of NIOSH policy statements) and related materials. Any information submitted to the NIOSH Docket is considered public information. The docket includes:

  • Federal Register notices
  • Comments submitted in response to NIOSH requests for information
  • Transcripts of public meetings
  • External peer review comments
  • Reports, studies, and other reference material submitted in response to the development of NIOSH policy products.

Please note that copyrighted information is not available for download. Only bibliographic information has been provided for copyrighted material. Copyrighted material can be viewed and copied in the NIOSH Docket Office.

Searching the NIOSH Public Docket

You can search for dockets by title or number on the NIOSH Docket page. Public comments on documents related to the NIOSH Dose Reconstruction Program (e.g., rules and regulations, technical documents) can also be found below.

Rules and Regulations

Work Site Documents

To view public comments received on a particular work site document (e.g., Site Profile, Technical Basis Document, Technical Information Bulletin), please refer to the individual site pages. Each page includes a section for public comments on the work site’s documents.

A complete list of work sites can be found on our List of Work Sites page.

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