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Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

A variety of policies, procedures, and guidelines are used to complete dose reconstructions. They are developed and updated as necessary. Links to the documents are listed below in alphabetical order. The document number, a brief description of the document, and the date the document was approved or revised is provided, when available.

Do you know the title of the policy, procedure, or guideline you are looking for? If you know the title, click on the letter below that corresponds to the first letter of the policy, procedure, or guideline's title to move where the link and information for the document you are looking for is located on this page.

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  • External Dose Reconstruction Implementation Guideline [423 KB (77 pages)]

    Document Number: OCAS-IG-001 Rev-03

    Revised: November 21, 2007

    About this Document: The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on the components, standards, and methods of external radiation dose reconstruction for probability of causation calculations in support of The Act. It is to be used as a source to help provide specific guidance and methods which can be found in Site Profiles and other site-specific documents.




  • Internal Dose Guidelines [291 KB (50 pages)]

    Document Number: OCAS-IG-002 Rev-00

    Approved: August 2002

    About this Document: The purpose of this guide is to provide basic information on the methods employed in reconstructing doses under The Act. The intent of this guide is to assist a qualified health physicist in determining annual organ dose from exposure to various sources of internal radiation.


  • Methods for Radiation Dose Reconstruction [129 KB (23 pages)]

    Document Number: Final Rule: 42 CFR Part 82

    Effective Date: May 2, 2002

    About this Document: The document outlines the methods for estimating the dose levels of ionizing radiation incurred by workers in the performance of duty for nuclear weapons production programs of the Department of Energy and its predecessor agencies.


  • Occupational Medical X-Ray Dose Reconstruction for DOE Sites [189 KB (22 pages)]

    Document Number: ORAUT-PROC-0061 Rev. 3

    Revised: March 3, 2010

    About this Document: Provides direction for assignment of organ dose from medical X-ray exams based on TBD information. This latest revision removes the LAT chest doses for Ames Laboratory in Notes to Table A-1 which are now included in a revised Ames Site Profile; to add guidance for skin dose for PA and LAT chest for post 1970; to better define dose to various areas of skin from PFG, PA and LAT chest pre-1970 and lumbar spine procedures; to remove Table A-1, the quick reference table, and Table B-1, the records availability table; to move the responsibilities of the "subject expert - external dosimetry" to the "dose reconstruction group managers." Previous revisions that were incorporated into the document: (1) Includes additional sites with approved TBDs, new guidance on X-rays for locations of the skin, and additional X-ray procedures (2) Updates Attachment C to include approved Request for Direction or Operational Change for X-Ray dose assignment to the face and to include updates based on current TBD revisions. Includes recently approved TBDs, change column headings, and alignment of x-ray procedures to align with new headings in Attachment A.

  • Occupational Onsite Ambient Dose Reconstruction for DOE Sites [304 KB (26 pages)]

    Document Number: ORAUT-PROC-0060 Rev. 1

    Revised: June 28, 2006

    About this Document: Provides direction for external onsite ambient dose reconstruction for DOE sites. Revised to include additional DOE sites.




  • Technical Documents Used in Dose Reconstruction

    About these Documents: Technical documents are general working documents that provide historic background information and guidance to assist in the preparation of dose reconstructions at particular sites or categories of sites. They will be revised in the event additional relevant information is obtained about the affected site(s). These documents may be used to assist NIOSH staff in the completion of the individual work required for each dose reconstruction.



  • Worker Outreach Program [1 MB (32 pages)]

    Document Number: DCAS-PR-012 Rev-01

    Approved: December 14, 2012

    About this Document: Changes address actions from the Outreach Working Group and includes discussion of minutes and notes, announcements at the beginning of a meeting, processing of meeting minutes, action item identification and processing, etc.

Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health Comments on Policy, Procedure, and Guidance Documents

The Advisory Board conducts technical reviews of various DCAS policy, procedure, and guidance documents that relate to dose reconstruction. The Board's technical support contractor assists in the review process. The purpose of the reviews is to assess the scientific and technical quality of the methods used in dose reconstruction. They also help identify any deficiencies that could have a negative effect on the results or the dose reconstruction process. These reviews can be found on the Advisory Board: Reports from the Technical Support Contractor page of our website.

When the reviews are complete and all issues have been resolved, the Board prepares a brief summary of the resolutions. The summaries help the public understand the results of the technical reviews. These summaries can be found on the Advisory Board: Technical Review Summaries from the Technical Support Contractor page.

Previous Versions of Policy, Procedure, and Guidance Documents

Submitting Comments on Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

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