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Conflict or Bias Policy and Disclosure Statements

Disclosure and exclusion of conflicts and biases (COBs) ensures and maximizes the quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of all scientific information disseminated by NIOSH pursuant to its responsibilities under EEOICPA. Achieving the highest level of scientific information quality is a core value for NIOSH, CDC, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

It is therefore crucial, for employees and corporate entities that perform any key program function or program support function for NIOSH pursuant to its responsibilities under EEOICPA, to fully disclose all past, current, or planned future employment-related relationships, financial relationships, familial relationships, or supervisory or subordinate work relationships that could pose a COB. If such a COB is found, the individual or corporate entity is to be excluded from performing any key program function.

Conflict of Interest Point of Contact and Conflict or Bias Officer

The DCAS Conflict of Interest Point of Contact and the NIOSH Conflict or Bias Officer are available to answer questions regarding the NIOSH Conflict of Interest Policy and its implementation.

DCAS Conflict of Interest Point of Contact

Grady Calhoun
Email: or
Phone: 513-533-6800 or toll-free at 1-877-222-7570

NIOSH Conflict or Bias Officer (COB Officer)

The NIOSH COB Officer reports directly to the NIOSH Director. He is responsible for ensuring that any key Program function document disseminated by NIOSH conforms substantively and procedurally to all the provisions contained in this COB Policy Statement. In addition, the COB Officer manages the process to ensure that all key Program function documents conform to the NIOSH COB Policy Statement. For example, the COB Officer will review all disclosures; investigate and resolve complaints about failure to disclose; may examine key Program documents for proper attribution; and examine the roles of the document owner, site, and subject experts in key Program documents.

Frank Hearl
Phone: 513-533-6800 or toll-free at 1-877-222-7570

NIOSH Policy: Appearance of Bias & General COI Requirements

Note: The "NIOSH Policy on the Appearance of Bias for the EEOICPA Program & General Conflict of Interest Requirements" and the "Implementing Procedures for the NIOSH Policy on the Appearance of Bias for the EEOICPA Program and General Conflict of Interest Requirements" above, replace the "NIOSH Statement of Policy: Management of Conflict or Bias in the Radiation Dose Reconstruction Program" (Rev. 2, June 24, 2009, COB Policy).

Written comments are welcome and can be submitted to NIOSH electronically by e-mail at or or printed comments can be mailed to NIOSH DCAS, Robert A. Taft Laboratories, MS-C45, 1090 Tusculum Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45226.

DCAS Staff Conflict or Bias Disclosure Statements

Adams, Nancy (Contractor)

Allen, Dave (Health Physicist) 

Bouldin, David (Technical Information Specialist)

Breyer, Laurie (Health Communications Specialist)--Former Employee

Buelow, Helen (Secretary)--Former Employee

Calhoun, Grady (Health Physicist)

Calvo, Sebastian (Health Physicist)--Former Employee

Carson, Tonia (Program Specialist)--Former Employee

Chang, Chia-Chia (Program Analyst)

Crawford, Chris (Health Physicist)

Darnell, Pete (Health Physicist)

Dong, Maxia (Research Health Scientist)--Former Employee

Elliott, Larry (Former DCAS Director)--Former Employee

Ellison, Chris (Health Communications Specialist)--Former Employee

Gilbertson, Tracey (Technical Information Specialist)

Glover, Sam (Health Physicist)

Haas, Chris (Program Specialist)

Hartle, Lynette (Technical Information Specialist)

Hearl, Frank (NIOSH Conflict or Bias Officer)

Herbert, Nichole (Program Management Analyst)--Former Employee

Hinnefeld, Stu (DCAS Interim Director)

Howard, Katie (Program Specialist)--Former Employee

Hughes, Lara (Health Physicist)

Jenkins, April (Program Specialist)--Former Employee

Jenkins, Sharon (Program Specialist)--Former Employee

Johnson, J.J. (Health Physicist)

Katz, Ted (Program Analyst)

Kraus, Kim (Program Specialist)

Kuo, Nancy (Technical Information Specialist)

Leary, Glenda (Health Communications Specialist)

Macievic, Greg (Health Physicist)

Marion-Moss, Lori (Health Physicist)

Miller, Relada (Program Specialist)

Nelson, Chuck (Health Physicist)

Neton, Jim (Associate Director for Science)

Rolfes, Beth (Health Physicist)

Rolfes, Mark (Health Physicist)

Rutherford, LaVon (Health Physicist)

Sundin, Dave (Deputy Director)

Taulbee, Tim (Health Physicist)

Tomes, Tom (Health Physicist)

Turner, Leroy (Technical Information Specialist)

Ulsh, Brant (Health Physicist)--Former Employee

Vonder Ahe, Nancy (Program Specialist)

Contractor and Advisory Board Conflict or Bias Disclosure Statements