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Tools You Can Use

Noteworthy Items

ErgoMine - 1.0

Download the new ErgoMine Android app for conducting ergonomics audits of bagging, maintenance & repair, and haul truck operations in the mining industry.

BG 4 Benching Trainer Software - 1.0.5

3D virtual reality-based software to teach the benching process for the BG 4 self-contained breathing apparatus used in mine rescue.

EVADE Software - 2.0

EVADE 2.0 has been updated with expanded video and data features to make it a more generalized and powerful tool.

All Tools & Products


  • thumbnailImproved LED Cap Lamp Designs 5/25/2016
    Download the latest NIOSH plans for LED cap lamps that dramatically improve visibility and offer better battery efficiency.
  • thumbnailNIOSH Saturn Area Light 8/24/2016
    NIOSH developed the Saturn light for roof bolting machines. The design maximizes floor illumination while reducing glare.

Guidelines & Best Practices

Guides & Handbooks

Software (Analysis)

Software (Educational)

Software (Utility)

  • thumbnail3+3 SCSR Donning Screen Saver - 1.0 1/1/2001
    A screen saver that helps the user remember the recommended steps for donning an SCSR in an emergency.
  • thumbnailHazComWriter - 3.1.3 3/9/2010
    Software that helps companies write their required HazCom plans and list all hazardous chemicals at their site.


  • thumbnailSafety and Health Toolbox Talks - 1.0 8/31/2016
    A series of directed safety talks to promote discussion and awareness of safety issues. These talks cover issues like slips and falls, ground control, lockout tagout, seatbelts, and more.

Training Exercises

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