Tools & Publications

The NIOSH Mining Program has developed many tools and publications that enhance mining safety and health.  These include guides, software, training exercises, workshops and videos. Many of these are available for downloading.

A summary of these available resources are:

  • MSHA Data File Downloads - The NIOSH Mining Program has converted MSHA data to SPSS (includes labels and coding information) file format.
  • Tools You Can Use - A list of all the available products covering new equipment, software, training and videos.
  • Mining publications - A list of all the available publications for download and viewing.
  • NIOSH Mining Site Browser - A tool for searching the entire NIOSH Mining Website by subject.

For a more expansive search of health and safety publications and products, refer to this NIOSH directory page.

Page last reviewed: November 1, 2021
Page last updated: November 4, 2016