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NIOSH Programs

Workers are injured or killed every day as a result of preventable workplace accidents or exposures. NIOSH research works to improve workplace safety and health through safe practices, policies, and procedures.

Making a Difference Through Research

NIOSH research is driven by the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA). Priorities for this research agenda are influenced by:

  • The number of workers at risk for a particular injury or illness
  • The seriousness of a hazard or problem
  • The chance that new data or approaches can make a difference

NORA research goals are organized into 10 programs representing different industry sectors. The NIOSH Research Program Portfolio supports many of these goals as well as other cross-sector goals set by NIOSH. In addition to conducting research, NIOSH offers grant funding to advance research beyond the Institute’s current staff.

To ensure sound science, many NIOSH research programs undergo periodic review by the National Academies. These reviews assess program impact and relevance, and identify emerging issues.

Making a Difference Through Practice

Research alone is not enough to change workplace practices. The Research to Practice (r2p) program takes research knowledge and works to put it to use by promoting engineering controls, new technologies, and communication products.

NIOSH Program Portfolio

Sector Programs
Cross-sector Programs

All Sector and Cross-sector Programs

Worker Services & Support

Training Programs

NIOSH Training and Workforce Development
NIOSH conducts research to find ways to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses through training. NIOSH also supports long and short term training programs.

NIOSH Centers

Program Performance One-Pagers (PPOPs)

PPOPs describe the relevance and impact of NIOSH programs in a short and easy to understand format. Each document describes a program's priorities, major activities, accomplishments, and future plans.