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Mining Product: Roof Fall Entrapment: Eyewitness Account by Larry Strayer

Original creation date: January 1992

Roof Fall Entrapment: Larry Strayer

In this videotape, Larry, a miner, tells about a fall that occurred while he and another miner were attempting to bar down top just inby the last row of supports. He explains that the other miner was injured but eventually recovered. He, however, lost a leg as a result of this accident. It is stressed that going even a short distance inby supports is not worth the possible outcome of an accident. An instructor's guide is included to help you use the tape as part of an effective training session.

This video would be beneficial for use with anyone who works underground. It would be particularly useful for training new miners. The instructor's guide contains suggestions to help you use the tape as part of an effective training session.

Skills reviewed: Emergency first response.

Materials required

  • DVD Video (15 minutes) - This video can be ordered from the Mine Safety and Health Administration at its web site listed below.
  • Instructor's Guide: Roof Fall Entrapment Videotape, Larry Strayer's Account

Authors: U.S. Bureau of Mines

Video - January 1992

  • MSHA streaming video
  • Order from MSHA

U.S. Bureau of Mines; 1992 Jan