National Vital Statistics System

National Vital Statistics System

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The National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) provides the most complete data on births and deaths in the United States

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State Suicide Rates Among Adolescents and Young Adults Aged 10–24: United States, 2000–2018 pdf icon[PDF – 477 KB] (9/2020)

U.S. Decennial Life Tables for 2009–2011, Methodology of the United States Life Tables pdf icon[PDF – 440 KB]  (8/2020)

Infant Mortality by Maternal Prepregnancy Body Mass Index: United States, 2017–2018 pdf icon[PDF – 810 KB] (8/2020)

Urban–rural Differences in Suicide Rates, by Sex and Three Leading Methods: United States, 2000–2018 (8/2020)

U.S. Decennial Life Tables for 2009–2011, United States Life Table pdf icon[PDF – 280 KB] (8/2020)

Racial and Ethnic Differences in Mortality Rate of Infants Born to Teen Mothers: United States, 2017–2018 (7/2020)

Infant Mortality in the United States, 2018: Data From the Period Linked Birth/Infant Death File pdf icon[PDF – 1 MB] (7/2020)

State Teen Birth Rates by Race and Hispanic Origin: United States, 2017–2018 pdf icon[PDF – 648 KB] (7/2020)

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