U.S. Vital Statistics System: Major Activities and Developments, 1950-95

This new report by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) provides a detailed description of the history and organization of the Vital Statistics System in the United States.

One section of the report is a reprint of the original history of the Vital Statistics System as published by NCHS in 1950. The reprint begins with a discussion on early collections and preservation of registration records, describes the era in which data records became recognized as essential for control of epidemics, and continues with discussions of the national campaign to bring about uniform registration laws and standard reporting forms for vital events (births, deaths, marriages, and divorces) occurring in the United States.

The remaining sections of the current report focus on further developments to the system, including organizational changes, supporting activities, developmental activities, and data improvement. Other significant activities and accomplishments relevant to the U.S. Vital Statistics System are also addressed.

U.S. Vital Statistics System Major Activities and Developments, 1950-95. 72 pp. (PHS) 97-1003 [PDF – 724 KB]

Keywords: History, Vital Statistics System, Public Health Service