Atlas of United States Mortality

Atlas of United States Mortality cover

Released to the public on April 14, 1997, this atlas is the first to show all leading causes of death by race and sex for small U.S. geographic areas referred to as Health Service Areas (HSA’s). The 18 causes of death included in this atlas account for 83 percent of all deaths in the United States during 1988-92. In addition to maps with age-adjusted death rates for each HSA, the atlas includes maps that compare each HSA rate to the national rate, smoothed maps for each cause that show the broad geographic patterns at selected ages, and a chart with regional rates for each cause of death.

Copies of this printed publication and a CD-ROM containing atlas text, maps, additional tables, and the mortality data used to create the maps are available from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) and Government Printing Office (GPO). Check NTIS or GPO for stock numbers and price.

Atlas of United States Mortality selected causes of death

Atlas of United States Mortality

209 pp. (PHS) 97-1015