Vital and Health Statistics Series

  • Series 1. Programs and Collection Procedure
  • Series 2. Data Evaluation and Methods Research
  • Series 3. Analytical and Epidemiological Studies
  • Series 4. Documents and Committee Reports
  • Series 5. International Vital and Health Statistics Reports
  • Series 6. Cognition and Survey Measurement
  • Series 10. Data From the National Health Interview Survey
  • Series 11. Data From the National Health Examination Survey, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, and the Hispanic Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
  • Series 12. Data From the Institutionalized Populations Surveys
  • Series 13. Data From the National Health Care Survey
  • Series 14. Data on Health Resources: Manpower and Facilities
  • Series 15. Data From Special Surveys
  • Series 16. Compilations of Advance Data From Vital and Health Statistics
  • Series 20. Data on Mortality
  • Series 21. Data on Natality, Marriage, and Divorce
  • Series 22. Data From the National Mortality and Mortality Natality Surveys
  • Series 23. Data From the National Survey of Family Growth
  • Series 24. Compilations of Data on Natality, Mortality, Marriage, and Divorce

Paper copies may be available at a Government Depositoryexternal icon or a health sciences library near you. Highest numbers are most recent publications.

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Page last reviewed: July 11, 2019