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“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company

What does it mean to modernize?

Modernizing the National Vital Statistics System means reaching common standards, adopting new technologies, and – most importantly – strengthening connections between people.

This page is designed to share the lessons we’re learning, explore ideas, and broaden our collective understanding of what it means to modernize.

Modernizing Death Reporting

Our implementer’s community shares what it takes to improve the flow of death data.

Featured Stories


Making Modernization Work… For Everyone

“Change doesn’t come just from getting a new system or making a new law.”

Washington, DC

Interoperability Begins with People

If we don’t listen to and learn from the people we’re trying to connect with, we can damage trust.”


To Make Death Data Faster, Just Listen

 “Our best results often come from the simple act of talking – and listening – to people.”

New York State

Breaking Down Barriers for Drug Death Data

 “We had to break down the barriers so that drug death data could flow more freely.”


Charting a Different Course for Death Data

“Our new data dashboard revealed a lot – some things we expected, and some we didn’t.”

National Institutes of Health

Deaths of Despair: How Connecting Opioid Data Extends the Possibilities for Suicide Research

“From a data perspective, opioid deaths and suicides face similar challenges.”

Page last reviewed: October 1, 2020