National Vital Statistics System

U.S. Intercensal Population Estimates by Specified Hispanic Origin Groups

July 1, 1991 – July 1, 1999

The National Center for Health Statistics is releasing intercensal population estimates for specified Hispanic origin groups in the United States (i.e. Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Other Hispanic), based on 1990 and 2000 census counts, for use in calculating vital rates. The methodology is described in “Documentation for intercensal population estimates of the specified Hispanic origin groups (July 1, 1991 – July 1, 1999),” which may be downloaded from this site.

The intercensal population estimates for the specified Hispanic origin groups were used to calculate revised birth and fertility rates for the 1990s (1991-1999) produced by NCHS. Published reports that used the 1990-based postcensal population estimates have been reissued in whole or in part.


In response to the need of a wide range of users for revised population estimates for the specified Hispanic origin groups, NCHS is making these population estimates available to the public on this website. NCHS is using these intercensal population estimates to calculate birth and fertility rates. Despite use of the best available data and methods to produce these estimates, the methodology used may have introduced errors into the estimates.

NCHS would appreciate receiving feedback on the usefulness of the estimates as well as any problems that are identified. Please provide comments via e-mail to:

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