National Vital Statistics System

NVSS Modernization Projects and Initiatives

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Our projects tap into the potential of people to extend the potential of data

The National Center for Health Statistics supports a wide variety of projects and initiatives to improve the timeliness and quality of our nation’s vital statistics data. Because vital statistics data can help support public health strategies in so many ways, finding tools and methods to better collect, share, and analyze information remains a priority.

Our projects are focused on implementing innovative strategies that reduce the burden on data providers while making vital statistics more useful and available for public health decision-making.

“Modernizing the NVSS means working together to apply technological solutions that will put timelier, higher quality information into the hands of those who need it, when they need it most.”
– Paul Sutton, Deputy Director, Division of Vital Statistics

Projects to Modernize Vital Statistics
Modernizing Birth Data
Modernizing Fetal Death Data
Modernizing Death Data
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